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Aquatic Records

Taucher | Pictures Of A Gallery (Kosmakova Mix)


Hybris & Kosmotika | Moonride (Corellia Mix)

Kosmotika | Solar Traveller

Hybris & Kosmotika | Moonride

Galaktika | Coastal

Y-Traxx | Mystery Land (Orbiter Mix)

Miracle | The Miracle

Orbiter | Harddrummer

Orbiter | Sunrise

Dolphin’s Mind | Believe In You (Orbiter Mix)

Space Invaders | Space Invaders

Orbiter | The Essential Collection (PROMO)

To celebrate the holiday season, Aquatic Records presents Orbiter - The Essential Collection, a compilation of: The Early Works, 20 of the best tracks from Orbiter’s entry into trance production, The Best Of 2013, 20 of the best tracks from this year (with a couple from late 2012), and Remixes, 20 powerful remixes produced by Orbiter, for a total of 60 songs, clocking in at over 7 hours of music, completely free!
This compilation contains several exclusive never before heard productions which will never be available anywhere else, so be sure to download Orbiter - The Essential Collection today, and have a happy christmas! :)

Orbiter | Plasmid